• Our Team

  • The Board of CSCMP Benelux consist of the following team members

  • Jeroen Bolt
    Role CSCMP: President
    Company: Fluas

    Jeroen has been a CSCMP member since 2004. He is active as Supply Chain Entrepreneur working with start ups as well as with his own company Fluas. He focuses on the intersection of Supply Chain, Sustainability and Collaboration. 

  • Jochum Reuter
    Role CSCMP: Marketing Chair
    Company: Inchainge

    Jochum Reuter has been a CSCMP member since 2014. Jochum acts as the Global Sales Director for Inchainge and is responsible for sales and marketing of simulations towards Universities globally. These simulations focus on supply chain management and supply chain finance.

  • Sven Verstrepen
    Role CSCMP: VP of Programs & Events
    Company: Ahlers

    Sven has been an active supporter of CSCMP since 2005. He has a diverse background in supply chain operations, research, innovation and entrepreneurship. His work is currently focused on smart data analytics, network optimization and collaborative logistics from LSP perspective. In his free time, Sven likes skiing and photography.

  • Freek Brilleman
    Role CSCMP: Secretary
    Company: BeSCOPE

    Freek has been a member since 2011. He has a background in Supply Chain management as manager and consultant. His work concentrates on the edge of Supply Chain and IT, with specialisation in operational and inventory management, IT and people development. Since 2014 Freek is Secretary of the Benelux board.

  • Dr. Chrisoula Papadopoulou
    Role CSCMP: Chair of Education
    COO at Safescan

    Chrisoula has been a CSCMP member since 2002. She specializes in value chain, capability building and the design of large scale supply chain training programs. She is also the Editor in Chief for the European CSCMP magazine The Supply Chain Insider.

  • Stan de Caluwe
    Role CSCMP: Board Member
    Company: Holland International Distribution Council

    In his role of Sr. Supply Chain Solutions Manager for the Holland International Distribution Council (HIDC), Stan assists dozens of North American companies annually with their supply chain set-up or optimization by providing complimentary advice and matchmaking with HIDC’s 300 members.

  • Bas Daver
    Role CSCMP: Treasurer
    Company: Chainalytics
  • Asen Kalenderski
    Role CSCMP: Board Member
    Company: Amazon

    Asen has been with CSCMP since December 2014 – first as a member of the New England RT and then as a board member of the Benelux RT. Asen’s education, work and interests are focused on supply chain and business technology. In his current role at Amazon, Asen is leading a team to create transportation technology innovation.

  • Christian Plesca
    Role CSCMP: Young Professional Chair
    NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences

    Currently Christian is a 4th year undergraduate International Logistics Engineering student, at the NHTV Breda University. He has been a CSCMP Board member since 2016, for almost 2 years, and an YP chair for the last 1.5 years. Christian is currently doing an internship at Kuehne & Nagel in Amsterdam, writing his graduation thesis on improving the end-to-end supply chain information visibility and possibilities of implementing a supply chain Control Tower. He did his last two internships at Samsung Electronics and DB Schenker. His dream and aspiration is to live and work in the United States of America.

  • Michel Stekelenburg
    Role CSCMP: Board Member
    Company: FuturMaster

    Michel has been attending CSCMP events since 2010 and joined the CSCMP Benelux RT as a Board Member in 2017. Michel has a strong background in both the logistics and supply chain software industry, started his career as a Business Consultant in TMS and WMS and later on as a Sales Rep in Transportation, Warehouse and Global Trade Management enterprise solutions. Currently he's the Sales Director N.Europe at FuturMaster. 

  • RenĂ© van Luxemburg
    Role CSCMP: Board Member
    Company: ATIM
  • Jan Willem Proper
    Role CSCMP: Board Member
    Company: Breda University of Applied Science